Nanofat is a medico-surgical technique for cell therapy.

Our fat is endowed with multiple cells: some produce collagen, some are fat cells and other cells are called pluripotent stem cells. They are cells able to transform and multiply depending on the cellular environment in which they live.

Nanofat injections allow an overall improvement in the quality of the skin and also slows down its aging significantly. The skin looks younger and less sagging.

The nanofat acts on unsightly scars, dark circles, wrinkles and reduces stains.

Treatment: Mini liposuction and injections
Duration of Treatment: 1 hour
Anesthesia: Sedation and tumescent anesthesia
Hospitalization :
Follow-up Treatment: 1 month
Social life: Right after the treatment
Costs: From CHF2500
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How does a nanofat treatment work?

The equivalent of a syringe of your fat will be taken from an area where you want to get rid of your fat cells. This fat will be filtered several times, until all the fat cells are gone but stem cells retained (nanofat).

Nanofat is reinjected using a very fine and atraumatic cannula on strategic areas of your face or body.

The injected cells will mix with the cells already present in your dermis. Together, they will regenerate your skin in depth. And in a sustainable way.

This technique can be combined with injections of PRP to achieve maximum results.