Scarless Skin Lesion Removal

Excising skin lesions with a surgical blade will result invariably in a scar, but this partly depends on the depth of injury of the skin with the blade (eg a scratch does not produce a scar). When more than about a third of the depth of the skin is injured, a scar will result.

Each person scars differently and some people have a tendency towards unfavorable healing (large scars, spread scars, atrophic scars, white scars etc)

There are many technique considerations that will allow for a scar to heal more favorably. These include:

  • Meticulous surgical technique, picking a favorable incision location and scar orientation, as well as good suturing techniques are primordial.
  • Postsoperative wound healing and dressings are also very important to help minimize the scar.

Sometimes one can choose to remove skin lesions with lasers of radiofrequency for cosmetic reasons and decrease the chance of a scarring. There may be an increase in recurrence due to only partial removal of the skin lesion.

The Surgitron® Dual RF redefines our surgical results with two distinct frequencies – 4.0 MHz (Monopolar) and 1.7 MHz (Bipolar) – for outstanding surgical precision and control.

We use it for scarless removal of skin growths, warts, moles, seborrheic keratosis

What had to be done by the blade, scissors and knives earlier can now be done with this amazing technology which vaporizes tissue. Hence, recovery is extremely quick and collateral tissue damage minimal.