Sometimes, their ungainly shape or simply a detached pavilion can generate a complex at all ages. They can be corrected by minor surgery. We prefer techniques that do not interrupt the delicate ear cartilage.

In a newborn with deformities of the outer ear one should consider a molding therapy for the first 6 weeks (like earwell) to prevent permanent deformity. During that time female hormone impregnation in the child from the mother will allow for the ear cartilage to be more flexible.

The treatment of protruding ears, otoplasty, is a very rewarding procedure for both the surgeon and the patient, especially in children. Children with protruding ears are often teased by their peers which can lead to serious body image problems, or in extreme cases, psychological problems. 

For most cases, the incision is made near the fold of the ear joining the head. An elliptical or dumbbell of skin is removed, ensuring that any scaring remains hidden. The cartilage is then sculpted creating a more natural looking shape and stitched into place, or alternatively, a portion of cartilage may be removed and the ear folded back to its new permanent position.

Treatment: Implant
Duration of Treatment: About 1 hour
Anesthesia: Local anesthesia or deep sedation
Hospitalization: Outpatient
Follow-up Treatment: Regular post-operative visits
Social life: 4 to 7 days
To be considered: Few weeks without sport
Costs: From CHF 5’000
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Ear lobule rejuvenation

Ear lobules elongate with time, a manifestation of skin laxity and loss of volume. With aging or simply wearing heavy earrings, the lobes may find themselves drawn and withered.

One can correct deflated ear lobules with fillers.

Ear lobules that are largely deflated can be reduced surgically.

Treatment: Ear lobule rejuvenation
Duration of Treatment: About 1 hour
Anesthesia: Local anesthesia
Hospitalization: Outpatient
Follow-up Treatment: 1 to 2 post-operative visits
Social life: Immediately
To be considered: Few days without sport
Costs: As of CHF 1200
Further questions: Contact us