Mesotherapy is an injection treatment that delivers key substances directly into the skin (to avoid the skin barrier effect). The aim is boosting the skin with antioxidants, stimulating cell repair mechanisms and revitalizing the skin function. Substances infused are key vitamins, amino-acids, minerals, hyaluronic acid, and many other essential components of healthy skin cells. Most of these substances normally occur in the skin but degrade/decrease as our skin becomes older and stressed or dehydrated.

Mesotherapy brings out a natural glow of the skin, which becomes more shiny, silky and soft. The skin will be more hydrated, nourished, and firmer and texture will be improved.

A series of superficial injections are done by hand or with an injection device delivering rapid injections for larger areas (no advantage for the result, but hygiene issues apply to these guns).

Normally mesotherapy it well tolerated, but for sensitive areas an anesthetic cream can be used prior to the treatment and the procedure is done with cryo-application.

Initially a course of a total of 3 sessions are recommended every month for three consecutive months, with maintenance 1-2 times a year. See here alternative with PRP.

Treatment: Injections
Duration of Treatment: About 20 minutes
Anesthesia: topical
Follow-up Treatment: 1 month
Social life: 1 day
Costs: From CHF400
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Are there any contraindications to mesotherapy?

Known allergies to components in the mesotherapy cocktail, pregnancy, breastfeeding, keloid scarring, active infection or malignancy.

Minimal bruising, swelling and marks from injections are all short lived. Infection, allergy, scar or pigmentation is very rare.

Ice packs are applied to reduce swelling and bruising. 

Moisturizers and SPF cream are used afterwards and make-up can be used next day.